Our big news: Getting a web presence for LEAP!

Our research management staff and PI’s have been working on getting an exciting presence for LEAP on the web. A LEAP logo has been designed, and modified to make it attractive and exciting to children and teens as well as investigators and parents. We think we have been successful and are delighted to share our logo and web blog with all of you!

LEAP investigators meet at the CAPRI Annual Meeting

LEAP investigators meet at the Canadian Alliance for Pediatric Rheumatology Investigator (CAPRI) Annual Meeting

Many of the LEAP investigators had the opportunity to meet at the CAPRI meeting which took place in Quebec City just prior to the Canadian Arthritis Network meeting this October. This meeting gave us the opportunity to present to all the pediatric rheumatology investigators our progress in getting the LEAP study up and running. A workshop was held to work on planning the exercise intervention portion of LEAP.

In late September and in October, technicians who will be doing muscle and bone measurement on children enrolled in LEAP in Toronto, Ottawa, Saskatoon, and Vancouver met for two training workshops. Thanks to these technicians who flew first to Ottawa and then to Vancouver to share their knowledge. These training workshops ensure that all muscle and bone measurements are done exactly the same way in all participating research centres.