Beatrice Bilodeau – Canadian Freestyle Skier

                                     BEATRICE BILODEAU
                             CANADIAN FREESTYLE SKIER
Q:    Where did you grow up?
A:    In Rosemere, Quebec.
Q:    How old were you when you started skiing?
A:    The first time I put skis on I was 18 months old and started moguls at 9.
Q:    What is the best thing that has happened to you because of your involvement in sport?
A:    I get to travel around the world.
Q:    Why do you think it is important for kids to be active?
A:    Because it’s not just about staying healthy, it’s also a way to socialize, a way to discover
        hidden passions and talents. But must important, it’s a way to prove to yourself, there’s
        no limits to what you can do!
Q:    What motivates you to be active (practice) on days that you don’t feel like it?
A:    I have this quote that I keep saying to myself: “It hurts to train everyday, but it pains me
        so much more if I don’t.”
Q:    What advice can you give kids to increase their physical activity?
A:    If you put your heart in to it, you will see effort will come by itself.