Research Into Action

Knowledge into Action

Knowledge translation (KT) is an important component of the LEAP research program.  KT is a term that refers to the assessment, review, and utilization of scientific research.  In simple terms, we aim to include the important people who may be affected by the results of our research (such as children and teens with JIA, their parents,  health care providers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and others) into the development of the research as well as helping in getting important research results out into practice.

We aim to integrate KT into the LEAP study through:

  • Interviews with children and teens with JIA, their parents, young adults with JIA, physiotherapists and occupational therapists to find out what encourages children with JIA to be physically active, and what are barriers to physical activity.  We will specifically ask about how children and teens and their parents think we should design an exercise program to ensure that kids will participate!  Interviews will take place during several stages of the research program.
  • Development of a Research Into Action Committee, which will advise the investigators about the direction of the research, the results, and provide guidance about how to get research results into clinical practice.
  • Publishing study newsletters and updating our website blog to keep LEAP kids and parents as well as the general public informed about the study.