Training Mission

The LEAP study brings together an experienced group of pediatric rheumatology researchers who are committed to sharing their knowledge to ensure the sustainability of pediatric rheumatology research in Canada.  All our investigators are members of the Canadian Alliance of Pediatric Rheumatology Investigators (CAPRI) which is an organization dedicated to promoting research that benefits children with rheumatic diseases. An important part of the CAPRI mission is supporting and coordinating education for pediatric rheumatology research trainees in Canada.  The LEAP training program will be conducted alongside CAPRI’s Training Program, which will help trainees develop the skills to continue promising projects on childhood arthritis and rheumatologic diseases, familiarize them with ethical considerations in clinical research, and gain leadership and teamwork experience. The LEAP Training program will provide funding opportunities for summer students, Master’s students, doctoral students, and post-doctoral trainees during the 5-year study.

How does one become a LEAP trainee?

If you are interested in becoming a LEAP trainee, please contact Michele Gibbon at